Galway 3D

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2016 - Present


Gary Dempsey

 Clonfert Romanesque Doorway Co. Galway

Clonfert Romanesque Doorway Co. Galway

The Galway3D Project is the second county to be added to the Digital Counties Project. It begain life as the Medieval Doors project and was conceived during the Roscommon3D project in 2015.  The main aim of the project is to record the stylized medieval carved doorways in Co. Galway in order to create a digital record of their state, but has since expanded to recored important heritage object in Co. Galway.  The project has included a community training course organized in conjunction with Galway City Museum and iCAN a National Museum community initiative. 


The core focus of the project when initiated was to record samples of important architecture from different periods of Galway's medieval history.  During the initial phase of the project the detailed carvings on the doorways at Drumacoo, Clontuskert and Clonfert were recorded using photogrammetry.  

During October and November 2016, a community focused training initiative was organized at Galway City Museum and a number of groups associated with the iCAN project were taught photogrammetry reocrding techniques. 

During these training session a number of carved objects were recorded in the musuem.  The Galway3D project has since grown to include not just the Medieval doorways of Galway but also other important carved features such as fireplaces and carved heads on religious buildings.  The Galway 3D is an ongoing project.  It is hope that further community training days can be arranged in the future and the project will continue to add to the digital collection of objects from the county.  Sites can be requested to be added to the list and will be recorded at a future date


The Project Achievements


Training of 12 people in the skill of digital recording for heritage, leading to the expantion of the Galway3D project objectives




A series of tutorials have been delivered to students on the MA in Archaeology course at NUIGalway under the guidance of Galway3D

The creation of an accessible library of digital 3d models of Galway heritage is being created has models are added on a per record basis. These 3D models can be accessed freely and appreciated world wide through the Galway3D Digital Museum Collection

In 2018 the Galway3D project carried out a laser scan survey of medieval wooden carvings as part of the Galway Ecclesiastical Heritage Survey.