The Digital Heritage Age (@DH_Age) are a collective of professionals and community groups working together to enhance the digitisation of cultural heritage in Ireland. We aim to promote best practice in Digital Heritage Projects in line with the EU Declaration on Cooperation on advancing digitisation of cultural heritage. 

Our Beginning

The Digital Heritage Age (@DH_Age) is a network of digital heritage professionals engaged in the promotion of digitising cultural heritage in Ireland.  @DH_Age seek to promote best practice in digital heritage projects and build links between professionals and local heritage groups & societies. 

We build our work on the Irish word for a work team, gang, or party, ' Meitheal ', a framework for cooperation between groups and individuals sharing a common cause.  DH_Age also strive to nurture a local 'sense of place' and ownership in local heritage.   Using accessible digital projects we strive to develop this local sense of heritage by engaging with local sites and artifacts.  

Digital Heritage is the process of digitally documenting heritage and culture.  It focuses on finding the best best method of digitally recording a heritage site or artefact while presenting it to the public in an accessible way.



@DH_Age offer professional advice to community groups and heritage bodies on best practice implementation of digital recording methods for projects. We provide CPD training in digital recording for archaeology and museum collections. 

We build our work on the principle that heritage belongs to the community.  Through digital projects we strive to develop that local sense of heritage through local sites and artifacts. 

Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved with the DHA, or are interested in discussing a project with us please get in touch. 

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