Gary Dempsey

Is a co-founder of DHA, and 3D Environmental Designer/Historical Research for RealSim Ltd.  He has a background in Heritage Studies (BA, Hons. GMIT) and Irish Studies (MA, NUIG). Gary also holds a MSc in Heritage Visualization (SimVis Glasgow School of Art).  Gary's background is in archaeological research, education development and  digital community training.  He is the Events Officer of VHNIreland and teaches photogrammetry at the Achill Field School (NUIG).  In the rare moments of spare time, Gary hosts 'Let's talk about that' a research focused radio on FlirtFM, NUIGalway's student radio station. 



Orla Peach Power

Orla-Peach is a co-founder of DHA. A graduate of the MA in Digital Arts and Humanities (UCC) where she studied the application of photogrammetry in recording at risk commemorative stone monuments from the 16 th – 18 th centuries respectively.

She recently began her PhD within the same discipline to assess the role of 3D visualisation techniques on a larger dataset within the West Cork area. Orla-Peach is a research assistant on the IRC funded Deep Maps: West Cork Coastal Cultures project which is a transdisciplinary project between the School of English and the School of Biological Environmental, and Earth Sciences. Orla-Peach will be responsible for visualising and communicating the range of data collated as part of the Deep Maps project, and is also charged with the task of developing and maintaining an online presence via social media platforms and an integrated

Orla-Peach runs social media accounts for Digital Heritage Age and the Environmental Archaeology in Ireland workgroup, and is a committee member of same.